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Our platform is scalable enough that you can reach 1000s of people in minutes and be connected and talking instantly to those that want to know more there and then.


Create the content you want to send and set up a sequence. Record a voice call and/or a video and build a “smart text” embedded with digital journeys which capture everything you need to know. This can be anything, a workforce wellness check, a job you're hiring for, a request for confirmation - it's up to you! Anything you want to tell people on your hotlist about.


Upload your contact hotlist or if you like we can integrate into your existing systems. Rest assured Nudj is all fully encrypted, safe and secure and if you delete anything on our platform it is deleted forever.


Then just hit run to reach and start getting the attention of everyone instantly. ​ That's it! Your hotlists phones ring and if they like what they hear they tap a key and your phone rings - you answer - and you're connected! Of course the smart text is also delivered and all the outcomes are stored in the platform for you.


What our customers are saying

“Nudj has enabled us to communicate and connect with more jobseekers than ever before without diminishing the all-important human touch required within recruitment.”

Marie Helson
Marie Helson
Head of People, HelloFresh
HelloFresh Logo

“Nudj's automated outreach instantly got our target customers fully engaged at the same time as saving time, money and stress! Finally the support team is first rate and always make the time to ensure we get the best value from them!”

Ian Hetherington
Sales & Marketing Leader, Operance

“The platform is integral to our day to day operations and saves immeasurable amounts of time.”

Lloyd Davies
Business Manager, LINKS Recruitment

“Using Nudj, I have mastered the art of the automated voice call. I much prefer it over the manual approach of ringing through all of the candidates myself.”

Ellen Harris
Associate Director, OH Medical

“I use the platform to call and text hundreds of applicants at once, saving hours of time and energy. I also use the platform to keep my database clean and up to date by engaging with every candidate each month.”

Jack Willmott
Head Of Marketing, MSI Group

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Instantly Contact, Connect and Communicate with everyone who matters to you.

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